??3.(1分)Although the Yangtze is the longest river in China,it is ______ than the Nile,the longest river in the world.


C.the shortest

4.(1分)— Hey,Clark.Would you like to have a picnic with us this weekend?

— Sorry,I'll have an exam next Monday,so I ______ prepare for it.


5.(1分)My father always tells me never to ______ when I am in trouble.

A.give upB.put onC.help out

6.(1分)— Jack,how do you like the new movie Hi,Mom!directed(导演)

— Well,it's really a funny movie.I ______ it for three times.

A.am watchingB.will watch

C.have watched

7.(1分)— How clean the roads are!

— They ______ by the hard﹣working cleaners every day.

A.are cleanedB.clean

C.will clean

8.(1分)Our teachers don't allow us ______ mobile phones in the school.

A.to useB.useC.using

9.(1分)This dress is very beautiful,______ it doesn't look good on me.


10.(1分)— I wonder ______.

— Where there is a will,there is a way.

A.if will I pass the exam

B.if I can become an artist

C.if can I enter a good senior high school


11.(10分)Mark started middle school when he was twelve.He studied very hard and always got good grades.He was very interested in(1)   ,especially running.He got up early every morning and(2)    to school.

In his second year,Mark took part in the school's sports meeting and(3)    a race.His parents were happy with him and(4)    him a computer.But things began to change.Mark stopped getting up(5)   .He also lost interests in sports.His grades were not so good as before.

One night,about one o'clock in the morning,Mark's mother(6)    him playing computer games in his room.Then she knew why he(7)   so much.But she didn't take his(8)    away.Instead,she had a(9)    talk with him.She told him he was old enough to know well what to do,and what not to do.

After hearing his mother's(10)   words,Mark was sorry for his change and decided to make good use of his time from then on.



(1)What is Chinese folk music connected with?


B.Ancient Chinese stories.

C.Chinese painting.

(2)Traditional Chinese musical instruments do NOT include    .




(3)What have we learned about Wang Xizhi from the passage?

A.He was a great weiqi player.

B.He was good at Chinese painting.

C.He made a great achievement in Chinese handwriting.

(4)In ancient China,people often painted    .

A.on wood or cloth

B.on paper or wood

C.on paper or silk

(5)The highest form of Chinese painting is    .

A.mountains and water

B.flowers and birds


13.(10分)In order to help teenagers build a strong body,students in Grade 9 have to take part in zhongkao P.E.test every year.To prepare for the test,many junior high school students try their best to train hard.

On April 18,Sun Gao from Hangzhou,Zhejiang finished his P.E.test.After three years of hard training

" It wasn't a high score,since many of my classmates got full scores—30 points,but I'm still happy,I am much stronger now." He added.

Gong Siyu from Chengdu,Sichuan is in Grade 8 now. "I signed up(报名) for an after﹣school training class.I practice every Saturday evening for two hours(引体向上),an 800﹣meter run and basketball." she said.In 2022,when Gong takes the test

"I think it's a good thing." Gong said. "Health is important,and by preparing for the test,we get more chances to exercise and relax."

(1)What's the purpose of zhongkao P.E.test?

A.To help teenagers train hard.

B.To help teenagers get good points.

C.To help teenagers build a strong body.

(2)How many points did Sun Gao get in his P.E.test?

A.26.5 points.

B.30 points.

C.60 points.

(3)Why was Sun Gao still happy with his P.E.score?

A.Because he got a full score in the test.

B.Because he tried his best in the test.

C.Because he got more points than all his classmates.

(4)When does Gong Siyu have her after﹣class training class now?

A.Every Saturday morning.

B.Every Saturday afternoon.

C.Every Saturday evening.

(5)What did Sun Gao and Gong Siyu think about the P.E.test?

A.Only Sun Gao thought it was a good thing.

B.Both of them thought it was a good thing.

C.Both of them though it was a boring thing.

14.(10分)Time passes rapidly with no sound.It has been 100 years since the Co小妹unist Party of China(CPC我国共产党) was founded(树立).There are many stories about the Party and me.

Both my parents are members of the Party.When I was younger,they told me many touching stories about the CPC.The spirits of Jinggangshan and Yan'an moved me so much.From that time I became interested in the Party.

As I grew up,I learned more.In my eyes,my parents regard their membership in the Party as an important thing.Deeply,I understand the duty of the Party members.

A few years have passed.I have read lots of books and watched movies that show the spirit of the CPC.What's more,I have joined in many activities that are about the Party.

Now I am a League member(团员).I believe I will be a real Party member one day.If I become a member of the Party,I will do what I can to help others.I'm looking forward to that day!

(1)It's     years since the CPC was founded.




(2)What does the underlined word "touching" in Paragraph (期间)2 probably mean in Chinese?




(3)As Party members,what do the writer's parents do to help others?

A.They give food to the poor.

B.They sell clothes to people in need.

C.They ask the cleaners to sweep the streets.

(4)What has the writer joined in?

A.Many activities about the Party.

B.Many activities about the League.

C.Many activities about volunteering.

(5)What is the writer now?

A.A Party member.

B.A teacher.

C.A League member.


15.(10分)The eyes are the windows of our soul(魂灵).However,you have to look after them properly.Your eyes need everyday attention.

Pay more attention to your diet.Have more fruits,vegetables,fish,we should take some Vitamins A and B2 regularly(有纪律地).

Have a regular sleep.It relaxes the eye muscles(肌肉) and gives them the rest required.Usually,you must sleep for at least seven to eight hours every day

Exercise eyes every day.Blink(眨眼) your eyes regularly,which makes the eyeballs watery

Use your eyes in right ways.Rubbing(磨擦) is harmful to your eyes.For example,if a small thing goes into your eye,writing,watching TV or working on the computer can also cause eyes tired

If you always take care of God's most beautiful gift,your eyes will be very colorful!


16.(10分)On May 22,2021,people in China and around the world felt sad because China's "father of hybrid rice(杂交水稻)

Yuan worked as a teacher at an agriculture(农业) school in An Jiang,Hunan after graduation.Seeing many people die of hunger from 1959 to 1961

Yuan spent four years looking for a wild rice strain(品牌) that could be crossed(杂交).In 1964

Yuan put all his life into creating hybrid rice,which ended hunger for millions of people not only in China,but around the world.Hybrid rice is grown in 57 percent of China's rice fields.It is also grown in over 40 countries,the US and Brazil.

In 2020,Yuan's team set a new world record in growing hybrid rice.

Yuan was not only a great scientist but also a talented man.He had many hobbies,such as volleyball,swi小妹ing and violin.

Though he has left,we will respect and remember him forever.

(1)Why did people in China and around the world feel sad on May 22,2021?

(2)Did Yuan work as a teacher at an agriculture school in An Jiang,Hunan?

(3)What did Yuan spend four years looking for?

(4)How many countries is the hybrid rice grown in?

(5)What hobbies did Yuan have?


17.(10分)A:Mom,could I invite my friends to my birthday party this Sunday?

B: (1)   .That sounds like fun.

A:Could I borrow some money?

B:What for?

A:I need to buy some drinks and snacks.

B:(2)   ?

A:I am going to buy them tomorrow.

B: (3)   ?

A:I am going to have the party in my bedroom.I think it is a good place for a party.

B:OK.By the way, (4)   ?

A:I will invite Jack,Rose and Gina.

B:(5)   ?

A:No,I don't need anything else.

B:Have a good time!








参阅辞汇:younger schoolmates pocket money knowledge encourage

Dear headmaster,

Hello!I'm Li Hua.________________

What do you think of our ideas?Thank you!


Li Hua


1.答复:依照题干中Oh,she is my neighbor.可知何处阿谁女人是遣词两端都晓得的。其次由题干可知她是一位精采的自愿者,且excellent首字母发元音音素。


2.答复:your你的,描述词物主代词;her她的,其后必要跟被润饰的名词,名词性物主代词,其后不接名词,名词性物主代词,其后不接名词,故揣度用名词性物主代词。第二个空其后有被润饰的名词birthday present,清除B选项。






5.答复:give up抛却,put on穿上,连系句意。




7.答复:every day暗示每天,一般如今时常常运用的时分状语,和谓语clean是被逼纠葛,则此处使用一般如今时的被逼语态。


8.答复:allow暗示容许,allow sb.to do sth.暗示容许或人做某事。






11.答复:(1)A 名词分析,B音乐,依照后边especially ,故谜底是A。

(2)C 动词分析,B开,依照上文especially ,应当是跑着上学。

(3)A 动词分析,B丢掉,依照后边His were ,应当是赢得了竞赛。

(4)C 动词分析,B搜集,依照His were ,应当是给也买了台电脑。

(5)B 副词分析,B早,依照上句But began change.发生了改造,故谜底是B。

(6)C 动词分析,B谈论争辩,依照Mark's playing games his ,故谜底是C。

(7)B 动词分析,B改变,依照上句创造他在房间里玩电脑游戏,故谜底是B。

(8)A 名词分析,B书,依照上文创造他在房间里玩电脑游戏,故谜底是A。

(9)B 描述词分析,B的确的,C累的,应当是的确地和他谈了一下。

(10)C 描述词分析,B错的,依照上句She him was enough know what do what to ,他已长大了,不该做甚么,故谜底是C。

12.答复:(1)B 细节了解题。依照Chinese music connected ancient stories.可知。故选B。

(2)B 细节了解题。依照Traditional musical include ,pipa,xiao so ,我国传统乐器有古筝、二胡。不包括钢琴。

(3)C 细节推理题。题干:从这篇文章中咱们对王羲之有甚么领会 Xizhi very for handwriting可知。故选C。

(4)C 细节推理题。依照In China of Chinese were on or ,在我国古代。故选C。

(5)A 细节推理题。依照The form Chinese is and ,我国画的最高形式是山川画。

13.答复:(1)C.细节了解题。依照第一段"In to teenagers a strong ,students Grade 9 to part zhongkao every ,九年级的学生每一年都要参加中考体育查验,中考体育的方针是为了助青少年创建一个健旺的身体。

(2)A.细节了解题。依照第二段""On 18 Gao Hangzhou finished P.E.test.After years hard ,he 26.5 ,来自浙江杭州的孙高完变成了他的体育查验,他患了26.7分,孙高体育中考患了26.5分。

(3)B.细节了解题。依照第三段"It a high ,since of classmates full points I'm happy I tried best"这不是一个很高的分数,但我仍然很愉快。可知,但他仍然很愉快。故选B。

(4)C.细节了解题。依照倒数第二段"I up(报名) an training practice Saturday for hours pull﹣ups(引体向上) 800﹣meter and 。我每一个礼拜六晚上操练两个小时,800米跑和打篮球,Gong 如今每周六晚上操练。

(5)B.推理决断题。依照第三段"By training,I much now"经由进程艰苦的操练。和最终一段"I it's a thing"我认为这是件积德行善,二人抵挡体育查验的评价都是积极的。

14.答复:(1)C.细节了解题。依照第一段"It been years the Party China(CPC我国共产党) founded"可知。故选C。

(2)B.词义猜测题。依照画线词后句"The of and moved so 。可推知


(3)A.细节了解题。依照第三段"They give clothes people need.The food the help cleaners the ,依靠把衣裳送给有必要的人。他们协助洁净工打扫大街。

(4)A.细节了解题。依照倒数第二段"I joined many that about Party"我参加了许多有关党的狡计,作者参加了不少和党有关的狡计。

(5)C.细节了解题。依照最终一段" Now I a League ,作者如今是一位团员。

15.答复:(1)vegetables.查核可数名词复数。依照第二段Have fruits,fish and 、蔬菜、鱼,故谜底为vegetables.

(2)at least.查核介词短语。依照第三段Usually must for least to hours day但凡,故谜底为at least。

(3)Exercise.查核动词底细。依照第四段Exercise every ,故谜底为Exercise.

(4)in the sun.查核介词短语。依照第五段Don't or in sun.不要在太阳底下阅读或写作

(5)work.查核动底细。依照第五段Too reading,watching or on computer also eyes ,so a rest required.太多阅读、看电视或在电脑上作业也会致使双眼委靡,即不要阅读、看电视或在电脑上作业太多,故谜底为work。

16.答复:(1)Because China's "father of hybrid rice" Yuan Longping died.细节了解题。依照On May 22,people in China and around the world felt sad because China's "father of hybrid rice" Yuan Longping died.可知2021年5月22日,我国和世界公民感触沉痛

(2)Yes,he did.推理决断题,Hunan after graduation.可知袁结业后在湖南安江的一所农业黉舍当教员,he did.

(3)A wild rice strain that could be crossed.细节了解题。依照 Yuan spent four years looking for a wild rice strain that could be crossed.可知袁花了四年时分寻找可以杂交的野生稻品种

(4)Over 40 countries.细节了解题。依照It is also grown in over 40 countries,the US and Brazil.可知在印度。故谜底为Over 40 countries.

(5)He had many hobbies,such as volleyball。依照He had many hobbies,swi小妹ing and violin.可知他有许多高兴喜爱、拍浮和小提琴,such as volleyball

17.答复:(1)Of course.依照上文"母亲,这个礼拜天我可以聘请我的朋友来参加我的生日集会吗。"可知,可填"当然。

(2)When are you going to buy them.依照下文"我打算往日诰日去买。"可知?"故填When are you going to buy them。

(3)Where are you going to have the party.依照下文"我要在我的卧室里举办集会。"可知?"故填Where are you going to have the party。

(4)Who will you invite.依照下文"我会聘请杰克,萝丝和吉娜,横线处扣问"你将聘请谁。

(5)Do you need anything else.依照下文"不,我不必要此外了,横线处扣问"你还必要甚么吗。

18.答复:Dear headmaster,

Hello Li

Some students think that we can collect money to buy some books for the school library or something else for the school. (为学弟学妹买书)Other students think that it's not necessary to spend money.【高分句型一】Some people think that we should write a letter to younger students to encourage them to study hard.(给他们写信)

In my opinion,we don't have to spend money.We can do something meaningful without money.For example

What do think our ?Thank !
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